Neighborhood Watch – Incident on 4/17/2023

  • On Monday, April 17, 2023 it was reported that an inebriated jet skier was buzzing around the dock area and eventually hit the dock. The driver (along with his dog) did not appear to be injured but there was damage to the dock.
    Residents did call the Sheriff's department but unfortunately, officers were unable to respond immediately and the jet skier was not apprehended.  A report was filed due to the damage that occurred.
    If you are down at the lake and see jet skiers driving erratically, call the Sheriff's Dept at 863-401-2220.
    Also, take pictures of the jet skier for identification of the driver and hopefully a registration number on
    the jet ski.  Then call Steve Crutcher, (407-416-2936) our Neighborhood Watch Block Captain for the Dock area.
    In order to legally charge these people with trespassing, we will be posting more signs down at the docks, such as “Private Property” and “No Wake Zone".
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