Calling all PPE Artists and Crafters

We are currently exploring the possibility of presenting our first PPE Art Exhibition next year. We have many talented artistic PPE residents. I’ll bet you know someone who paints, sculpts, uses mixed media, draws, does photography, quilts, pottery, woodworking and many other forms of the visual arts. But we have never gotten an opportunity to share and showcase our wonderful creations. So let’s do something about it!

If you would like to help plan this exciting new event, please join me at a PPE Art Exhibition Planning meeting after coffee in the clubhouse on Friday 3/8/24.

We welcome anyone that would like to help and who appreciates the arts.

Kay Dyer

Special Social Hour

There will be a SPECIAL SOCIAL HOUR on Monday, February 12 at 4:30 INSIDE the clubhouse.
Vi McLean’s brother, Bill, is visiting. He is a musician and will be entertaining on the piano and guitar.
Bring your own beverage and a snack, dessert or munchie to share.
Plates and napkins will be provided.
Monday, 4:30 in the clubhouse! Hope to see you there!

PPE Clubhouse Photo Project

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