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Neighborhood Watch – Incident on 4/17/2023

  • On Monday, April 17, 2023 it was reported that an inebriated jet skier was buzzing around the dock area and eventually hit the dock. The driver (along with his dog) did not appear to be injured but there was damage to the dock.
    Residents did call the Sheriff's department but unfortunately, officers were unable to respond immediately and the jet skier was not apprehended.  A report was filed due to the damage that occurred.
    If you are down at the lake and see jet skiers driving erratically, call the Sheriff's Dept at 863-401-2220.
    Also, take pictures of the jet skier for identification of the driver and hopefully a registration number on
    the jet ski.  Then call Steve Crutcher, (407-416-2936) our Neighborhood Watch Block Captain for the Dock area.
    In order to legally charge these people with trespassing, we will be posting more signs down at the docks, such as “Private Property” and “No Wake Zone".

PPE Neighborhood Watch Notice – Summer 2023

“NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is one of the best crime-fighting teams our community has!”
1. Secure your home.
2. Mark and take an inventory of your valuables.
3. Report suspicious and criminal activity to law enforcement.  (Emergency 911, Non—emergency 863-401-2220)
4. Contact a Summer Leader to get the word out to our neighbors.


a. Rita Maitland 484-832-2641
b. Chris Lenski 815-370-3664
c. Steve Crutcher 407-416-2936

Photo Directory 2023 Report

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Live Entertainment 2024 Season

Spittin' Image - January 20th

“Spittin’ Image” will open the 2024 Live Entertainment Season on January 20th.We are excited to welcome identical twins, Blain and Brian, back to our PPE stage. They are extremely talented vocalists as well as instrumentalists and will have the audience singing, laughing and enjoying their renditions of classic rock and country music.

Divas Through the Ages - February 10th


On February 10th, “Divas through the Ages” will feature the music of female vocalists from 1940 to the present. There will be great music, costume changes, choreography and fun!

Johnny Wild and the Delights - March 2nd

On March 2nd we will be treated to the music of “Johnny Wild and The Delights,” the Southeast’s number one 50’s and 60’s band.  They promise to deliver a high-energy program featuring the tunes we all know and love.

Rob Little - March 23rd

Comedian, Rob Little, will be joining us on March 23.  The Detroit native received training at the famous “Second City Comedy Club” and, according to his promotional material, he enjoys creating routines that are “inventive, funny, spontaneous and completely unique.”


Season tickets are $60.00 for the four shows and are available until May 12th at Friday Coffee or by contacting Terry Butler.

Live Entertainment review

The 2023 Season of the PPE Live Entertainment series came to a close with the audience enjoying the Comedy Show featuring Mike Marino on April 1st.

Peals of laughter filled the clubhouse as Mike smoothly moved from one topic to another including stories about his Italian roots, toys, shopping at Walmart and Costco and running for President.

Overall, Mike had the audience in the palm of his hand as he wove his stories seamlessly all night. Terry wrapped up the evening saying, “I’ve never laughed so much in my life”.  That says it all.

Submitted by,

Bonnie Bickford

Neighborhood Watch Minutes 4-3-2023



Monday, April 3, 2023 @ 10:00 am


Guest:  Deputy Sheriff April D’Alto

Minutes provided by:  Judy Curcio


Follow-up: Deputy D’Alto gave us a follow up from our last meeting in February regarding the 911 call that was handled so poorly by dispatch.  Deputy D’Alto went back to the dispatch station and listened to all the 911 calls from our location that night and asking those responsible “what happened” and “what is being done to correct the problem”.   The best answer she got was, we are not the only community that is experiencing this problem, and they are working on it.  The good news is, the dispatcher that was on that night is no longer on the job.  It was suggested that should we need to call 911 again, to verify we are in Polk County several times.


Crime:  The #1 crime in our area is still the theft of the catalytic converters.  Vehicles targeted are similar to the Tundra pick-up truck because it is built higher off the ground and has four converters.  Car theft and contents of cars being stolen are #2 in crimes reported, remember to keep car doors locked at all times, even in your driveway.


If you are seasonal and are preparing to leave for some time, do not put tape across your driveway, it is a huge flag that no one is home.


The biggest problem last summer was golf cart theft. Do not leave your golf cart keys in the golfcart, even when you are just visiting.  Also some carts have a universal key, so be sure to park your golf cart where it is blocked in, or there are several ways to disable it by turning the switch under the seat to “towing”, or disconnecting the batteries.


Walking early morning or after dark:  It was brought to our attention by several people that the walkers are not always visible and it was suggested that the walkers should always carry a flashlight or light clothing so they can be seen, especially if it is dark out.  A resident in the park had offered to buy some vests from Webster for $4.00/ea.  Pat Humphrey has agreed to organize the sale for anyone that would like one.  Watch the bulletin board for more information.


Lake Activity:  Dave Perhogan approached three fellows from Fairways community that were walking down to the lake with a cooler.  Dave talked to them and told them it was private property and they were not allowed down there, and also, we were working on the docks.  They did leave peacefully, but Deputy D’Alto did suggest that the next time they could call dispatch to check them out.


Larry Curcio reported several instances with the jet ski rentals that are coming onto our lake.  Speed racing, creating wakes and coming too close to the docks and the fishermen.  Steve Crutcher has offered to call the Marine Division of the Sherriff’s department to be sure the rental company is licensed and they are informing their renters of basic boat safety.


Keeping our community Neighborhood Watch alive even during the summer months.  Rita Maitland, Chris Lenski and Steve Crutcher have volunteered to be a contact with Deputy D’Alto so that we can keep informed of happenings in our neighborhood.  Steve also recommended PPE’s new website to pass on any vital information and meeting minutes to keep everyone informed.


Meeting adjourned:  11:00 am


Live Entertainment Update

PPE’s Elvis fans sang along, swayed to the music and were totally engaged during March’s Live Entertainment program that featured Cote Deonath in his return visit to our PPE stage.  It was easy to see why this 25-year-old tribute artist has won numerous awards.  His voice, gyrations, costumes and high energy performance captured “The King” and delighted the audience.

On April 1st, the final show of the Live Entertainment series will feature comedian, Mike Marino. Known as New Jersey’s bad boy, he has performed on stages from New York to L.A. and around the world. His humor focuses on everyday life and his Italian family roots. You may recognize him from the many films, soaps, commercials and talk shows in which he has appeared. It is said that “he has a tongue like a razor and a heart of gold.” We’re looking forward to his program!

To purchase tickets, please call Terry Butler at 518-585-7402. You may also purchase tickets at the door.