Website Update

We have added the following updates to the website:

  • RESIDENTS menu; 2 dropdown selections
    • New Residents - here you will see new resident information including addresses, phone numbers and emails
    • Passings - resident and former resident obituary information
  • NEWS menu
    • Committees / Activities - here you will see a list of PPE committees and activities with active links to their specific information when we have it available
  • CONTACTS menu
    • Contact Webmaster - directs you to a form for automatically sending information to the Polo Park Webmaster for upload to the website
    • Contact Numbers - includes important numbers for emergencies, utilities, board members, and general numbers

Communications Ideas?

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Watch for Website changes

This website is still under construction. Although many features have been added, there are plans to add additional information. Come back often and explore the menus.

If you have requests for info you'd like to see comment to this post or send a suggestion using the "contact us" form.