Neighborhood Watch Minutes 4-3-2023



Monday, April 3, 2023 @ 10:00 am


Guest:  Deputy Sheriff April D’Alto

Minutes provided by:  Judy Curcio


Follow-up: Deputy D’Alto gave us a follow up from our last meeting in February regarding the 911 call that was handled so poorly by dispatch.  Deputy D’Alto went back to the dispatch station and listened to all the 911 calls from our location that night and asking those responsible “what happened” and “what is being done to correct the problem”.   The best answer she got was, we are not the only community that is experiencing this problem, and they are working on it.  The good news is, the dispatcher that was on that night is no longer on the job.  It was suggested that should we need to call 911 again, to verify we are in Polk County several times.


Crime:  The #1 crime in our area is still the theft of the catalytic converters.  Vehicles targeted are similar to the Tundra pick-up truck because it is built higher off the ground and has four converters.  Car theft and contents of cars being stolen are #2 in crimes reported, remember to keep car doors locked at all times, even in your driveway.


If you are seasonal and are preparing to leave for some time, do not put tape across your driveway, it is a huge flag that no one is home.


The biggest problem last summer was golf cart theft. Do not leave your golf cart keys in the golfcart, even when you are just visiting.  Also some carts have a universal key, so be sure to park your golf cart where it is blocked in, or there are several ways to disable it by turning the switch under the seat to “towing”, or disconnecting the batteries.


Walking early morning or after dark:  It was brought to our attention by several people that the walkers are not always visible and it was suggested that the walkers should always carry a flashlight or light clothing so they can be seen, especially if it is dark out.  A resident in the park had offered to buy some vests from Webster for $4.00/ea.  Pat Humphrey has agreed to organize the sale for anyone that would like one.  Watch the bulletin board for more information.


Lake Activity:  Dave Perhogan approached three fellows from Fairways community that were walking down to the lake with a cooler.  Dave talked to them and told them it was private property and they were not allowed down there, and also, we were working on the docks.  They did leave peacefully, but Deputy D’Alto did suggest that the next time they could call dispatch to check them out.


Larry Curcio reported several instances with the jet ski rentals that are coming onto our lake.  Speed racing, creating wakes and coming too close to the docks and the fishermen.  Steve Crutcher has offered to call the Marine Division of the Sherriff’s department to be sure the rental company is licensed and they are informing their renters of basic boat safety.


Keeping our community Neighborhood Watch alive even during the summer months.  Rita Maitland, Chris Lenski and Steve Crutcher have volunteered to be a contact with Deputy D’Alto so that we can keep informed of happenings in our neighborhood.  Steve also recommended PPE’s new website to pass on any vital information and meeting minutes to keep everyone informed.


Meeting adjourned:  11:00 am


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